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A step-by-step guide to effective, competent, and
thorough business analysis. Learn the methodology
from the  Business Analysis Perspective.

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Powerful Requirements Management Software and Knowledge Base from Enfocus Solutions, Inc.

Product Managers

Check out our solution, Enfocus Requirements Suite™, to help you discover market needs, manage product roadmaps, define product requirements and deliver on customer expectations.
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Project Managers

Learn how to better communicate and collaborate with your stakeholders to deliver projects on time, on budget, and most importantly on value with the Enfocus Requirements Suite™. Learn more.

Business Analysts

Leverage our Enfocus Requirements Suite™’s unique combination of requirements management and business analysis software applications, professional development services, and supplemental learning materials. Learn more.

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Why Spreadsheets Won’t Work for Requirements Development. Learn more.

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Deliver Business Value

Acquire the skills and capabilities to deliver more business value via our complete set of professional services combined with Enfocus Requirements Suite™, a robust requirements management and business analysis tool. Let us help you deliver more business value in your products and IT projects through better alignment with business needs and customer expectations.

Using our robust Software as a Service, product managers, project managers, business analysts and IT professionals achieve results such as better outcomes, less rework, increased user adoption, and higher ROI.

Improve business processes and project management practices with our available professional consulting services.

Request a consultation to find out how Enfocus Requirements Suite™ can help you with project discovery and delivery activities — defining scope, aligning products with customer needs, managing requirements, collaboration with teams, and much more!

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Our Company

Dedicated to helping you deliver more business value

Enfocus Solutions Inc. powers business value by capturing, managing, and leveraging the requirements of enterprise assets such as people, processes, and technology. Its flagship product, Enfocus Requirements Suite™, a web-based tool, automates business analysis and requirements management best practices to enable successful product discovery and delivery. Enfocus Requirements Suite™, supplemented by its business analysis methodology framework, is the only application available that permits and encourages stakeholders to directly contribute needs and collaborate with solution teams. Enfocus Solutions Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Read More.

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  • Two new webinars: Agile Business Transformation and Agile & ITIL
    Join us for two of the newest webinars in our Enfocus Solutions webinar series!  Agile Business Transformation  May 15th 2014 at 12 PM Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada) Agile has become mainstream for developing software. Organizations that have adopted agile have seen improvements in quality, cycle time, and customer satisfaction. Standish Group resea […]

About Us

Enfocus Solutions provides next generation business analysis technology and services to project and product management groups looking to align technical solutions to business and customer needs, increasing ROI from projects and products.

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