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A step-by-step guide to effective, competent, and
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Watch Enfocus Solutions Software Demo

Enfocus Solutions provides software
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Powerful Requirements Management Software and Knowledge Base from Enfocus Solutions, Inc.

Agile PPM

Ensure the solutions your organization delivers align with business strategy by collaboratively managing the program portfolio and its supporting business architecture. Learn more.

Service Design and Requirements

Design and develop efficient services and processes with solution discovery and delivery software that ensures customer needs are met and business value delivered.
Learn More.

Professional Business Analysis

Collaboratively increase business analysis maturity and skills in your organization with access to the right capabilities to discover and deliver solutions that enable business change. Learn more.

News & Webinars

Why Spreadsheets Won’t Work for Requirements Development. Learn more.

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Enfocus Solutions Inc. powers business value by providing organizations with the right capabilities to design and deliver services and products in an agile environment, enabling business change and achieving better business outcomes.

Request a consultation to find out how Enfocus Solutions can help you with project discovery and delivery activities — defining scope, aligning products with customer needs, managing requirements, collaboration with teams, and much more!

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Dedicated to helping you deliver more business value

Enfocus Solutions is a provider of software and services to help organizations achieve business agility and deliver more value to customers with IT services and products. Enfocus Solutions’ software and services enable organizations to implement agile best practices at all levels in the organization, ensuring customer needs are met. Enfocus Solutions fully supports the agile definition and maintenance of end-to-end IT and shared services, providing the capabilities to successfully enable change in the organization and achieve higher ROI.  Read More.

From the Blog

Latest insights, education, and announcements

  • There's More to Being Agile than Agile Software Delivery
    When the term “agile” comes up in a conversation these days, the mind often jumps to agile software development. But there’s so much more to being agile than delivering software products iteratively and incrementally. If our planning or change strategies aren’t agile, we can forget about being able to deliver the maximum amount of business value possible to […]

About Us

Enfocus Solutions provides next generation business analysis technology and services to project and product management groups looking to align technical solutions to business and customer needs, increasing ROI from projects and products.

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