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Only Enfocus Solutions’ Software combines resources, training, and automation for superior business analysis and greater business value.


  • Business Needs Discovery
    Create an excellent foundation for all Projects by clearly identifying the problems you need to address, the Vision of your product, and the Business Objectives that will get you there.
  • Solution Scope Development
    Set solution scope by defining Features and manage using methods such as Prioritization and Impact Analysis
  • Elicitation
    Gather customer and user needs to make sure you understand them before developing Solution Requirements or User Stories.
  • Requirements Development
    Create, analyze, prioritize, and validate Functional and Non-Functional Requirements or User Stories.
  • Requirements Management
    Manage Requirements through delivery to meet the needs of your Project, whether agile or plan-driven, using Requirement Bundles, Traceability, and Change Management.
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
    Develop Test Scenarios and Test Cases and trace to Requirements. Record and manage Defects.
  • Solution Assessment & Validation
    Guarantee that business value is successfully delivered by making sure Projects meet user needs, identifying Defects, and determining readiness for change.
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Collaboration
    Create a useful understanding of your customers and users, and ensure stakeholders are involved in your Projects.
  • Portfolio & Knowledge Management
    Collect, store, access, and reuse critical information about assets that affect Projects across the enterprise. Maintain portfolio data for IT Services, Business Processes, Stakeholder Personas, Business Rules, and Enterprise Data.
  • Project Management & Communications
    See Project status at a glance to assign Action Items, share news, and manage your project teams.
  • Support, Training & Resources
    Support is available online, by phone, in the tool, and via professional development services.