Ten Use Cases for Service Design Software in Digital Transformation

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  • Develop mobile applications. Document and manage all relevant information about your mobile applications, including supporting and related business processes, people, and technologies. Use new technologies for the “Mobile Mind Shift,” such as Forrester Research’s IDEA framework.
  • Define requirements for big data. Big data requires different requirements management approaches, such as learning experiments. Set up and manage experiments to leverage valuable business insights.
  • Develop Solutions Using Customer Journeys. Design the customer journey and its touchpoints alongside their related services.
  • Compose Service Design Packages (SDPs) for IT services. In one location, document all information about the design, development, and delivery of an IT service.
  • Enhance Business Agility. Coordinate changes across IT and business silos by identifying needed business changes for people, processes, technology, and data.
  • Define Requirements for Purchased Software. Follow business analysis best practices for developing functional, non-functional, and transition requirements, and use fit/gap analysis to evaluate solutions.
  • Manage IT Service Portfolio. Deliver more business value by managing all services and their supporting technologies in one central location.
  • Maintain Business Architecture. Document and manage a central, collaborative business architecture that includes the organization’s business processes, people, supporting technologies, and enterprise data and can be leveraged to rationalize the application portfolio.
  • Enhance Customer Experience by Integrating Digital Marketing and Back Office IT applications. Facilitate what is needed for digital transformation by bridging the information gap between marketing strategy and IT, and provide a source of communication and collaboration.
  • Integrate Discovery with Agile Development Best Practices. Discover customer needs, develop solution requirements, and electronically integrate with backend environments such as JIRA.

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