User stories, needs, and requirements elicited in users' own words

Where other requirements management services fall short is in capturing stakeholders’ needs and user stories. It is the reason requirements are so often inaccurate or incomplete, and why so many projects fail. It is also the reason StakeholderPortal™ is such a valuable feature of the Enfocus Requirements Suite™.  The StakeholderPortal™ promotes collaboration, transparency, and accountability.

StakeholderPortal™ encourages stakeholder participation in requirements management activities, empowering them to define their own needs in words they understand. The easy-to-use program ensures that stakeholders and project teams gain a mutual understanding of the project vision, scope, and business objectives and stay focused on project or product success.

StakeholderPortal™ lets stakeholders:

  • Participate in the overall process
  • Access and add to the business knowledgebase
  • Record their needs and user stories
  • Attach documents and graphics
  • Prioritize and validate requirements
  • Edit their profiles
  • Contribute to decisions regarding “bundling”
  • Approve and sign off on requirements and project completion


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