Requirements Management

Requirements Management

Manage Requirements through delivery to meet the needs of your Project, whether agile or plan-driven, using Requirement Bundles, Traceability, and Change Management.


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  • Requirements Validation
    Enable and encourage stakeholders, developers, and quality assurance personnel to validate each Requirement based on their own criteria, including accuracy, completeness, prioritization, clarity, feasibility, and testability.
  • Requirements Allocation
    Allocate Requirements to bundles, organizing Requirements to correspond to development iterations or by team. Each Bundle serves as an online Requirement document and can be managed separately through its own defined lifecycle.
  • Baseline Requirements
    Baseline Requirement Bundles to control their associated Requirements and any future changes. Once baselined, changes to Requirements require an approved change order.
  • Change Management
    Control changes to Requirement Bundles through powerful change management Features. Changes are documented with a Change Request form and a complete Audit Trail is maintained of what was changed, added, or deleted.
  • Requirements Traceability
    Use the Requirements Traceability Matrix to trace Requirements backwards to solution artifacts and forwards to Business Objectives. Trace Requirements to make sure you’re building the right solution and delivering the right value.
  • Easy and Flexible Reporting
    Produce Requirement documents in Microsoft Word. Reporting is very simple; simply select the components that your want, press a button, and a document will be produced in Microsoft Word format. Copy and paste the report into your own Word template, creating a report in your own format with logo and confidentiality information in the footer and header.
  • Backend Development Integration
    Integrate with backend development tools like JIRA to automatically transfer Requirements to your development teams, including all the information they need to design and develop. Any changes that occur in Enfocus Requirements Suite™ are automatically reflected in the backend development tool.



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