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The Path to Business Agility—Wednesday, July 31, 2014 @ 12:00 PM EDT

Seventy percent of the companies on the Fortune 1000 list ten years ago have vanished—many because they were unable to adapt to change. Companies face constant change and threats triggered by market and technology shifts. In the complex business world that we operate in today, companies must be able to adapt rapidly to the constant changes in the environment and customer behavior. Implementing agile software development practices is not enough to enable business agility. Business agility also requires the ability to rapidly change business processes, organization, skills, rules, data, and technology.

Achieving business agility is not easy. It requires a new way of thinking and doing things.  Many roles and responsibilities have to change. Old ways of performing business analysis and project management activities that were used in the waterfall world have to be abandoned in favor of new ways that work for agile. For example, functional requirements and traceability are now replaced with user stories that are defined and refined over various iterations of conversations and development.  Teams are now self-managed. Project managers serve as  “servant leaders” that facilitate activities among teams versus the previous role of command and control of tasks. Project managers and business analysts are heavily involved in organizational change activities using new methods reflecting lean and agile techniques.

John Parker, CEO of Enfocus Solutions, will present the webinar.  He will specifically address the four key pillars necessary for business agility, describing the transition from the “old way” of doing things to how things are done in an agile world:
• Service Portfolio Management and Design
• Lean Discovery (Outcome-focused business analysis)
• Agile Delivery (Scaled agile program and portfolio management)
• Organizational Change Management (Validated learning negotiated with the business)

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