Enterprise Agile Project Management on Tuesday, November 18 @ 1:00 PM EST (10:00 AM PST).

It’s unsettling to learn that a very low percentage of projects ever meet their desired objectives*. Even more concerning is the fact that greater than 50% of projects that successfully met their cost and schedule goals failed to deliver the business value that was intended**. If nothing else, these two statistics indicate the need to take a hard look at how project management is being done. The fundamental problem is that placing too much control on costs and schedules often causes a loss of focus on the successful achievement of business outcomes. Since the agile movement hit the mainstream, it has matured rapidly. It is no longer the undisciplined development process suggested by its past reputation. Instead, agile project management is now the preferred solution for increasing the amount of projects that deliver on objectives. However, scaling agile to an enterprise is much more difficult than using agile for a single team. In this webinar, John Parker, CEO of Enfocus Solutions, will discuss current trends and best practices for agile portfolio, program, and project management, placing particular emphasis on project and program management in an enterprise environment. The information packed webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What is agile project management?
  • Applying PMBOK® Knowledge Areas to Agile
  • Agile portfolio and program management (APPM)
  • Managing Value instead of Tasks
  • Scope management using Epics and Features
  • Integration and HR management using Agile Release Trains
  • Quality management using Inspect and Adapt
  • Agile time and cost management
  • Managing Discovery using Features
  • Managing Development using Teams and Bundles
  • Managing Deployment using Releases
  • Managing business change through effective stakeholder and communication management practices

*According to the Standish Group’s CHAOS Summary 2009 Report. **According to a recent Corporate Executive Board study.

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