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Service Design Fundamentals - Register Now!

April 15th 2014 at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada)

IT service management (ITSM) is widely adopted by IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) organizations around the globe. ITSM is being used to help deliver better technology services faster, and at less cost. ITIL v3 (and now ITIL 2011) was a game changer and extended the scope of ITSM from 10 to 28 processes. The introduction of the service catalog significantly changed how ITIL services were requested, provisioned, and delivered. Many  organizations are beginning to apply ITSM practices to the management of applications as well. Some organizations are using the concepts to managed shared services.

One of the key problems for ITSM is how to define and design services that are done in the Service Strategy and Service Design processes. Many organizations have created a service catalog, but ITIL service strategy and service design processes goes way beyond this. In this webinar, John Parker will describe current best practices for defining a service. The concepts can be applied to any type of service including an IT service, a shared service, and a service provided to an external customer.  The following topics will be addressed:

  • Service strategy and design concepts and terms
  • Defining a service
  • Defining service components
  • Identifying business requirements, drivers, and impacts
  • Discovering and defining service features
  • Understanding customer needs using personas
  • Discovering user activities using scenarios
  • Linking services to business processes
  • Designing for availability, capacity, continuity, and security
  • Defining Service Level Requirements
  • Creating and maintaining the Service Design Package (SDP)

After attending the webinars, attendees will have a much better understanding of service design principles and be able to apply this knowledge to define better services that meet customer needs.


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