IT Service Strategy & Design

Shorten cycle times and deliver more value for less money by learning how to integrate IT Service Strategy & Design processes with agile development.

Optimize Service Delivery Model

Reduce the cost of delivering services by working with us to optimize your service design and delivery processes.

Improve Service Design

Focus on delivering services that delight your customers using best practice service design techniques.

Manage Service Portfolio

Reduce the cost and increase the value of your service portfolio by learning how to more effectively manage your existing service offerings.

Together We Can

Optimize Your Service Delivery Model

We integrate ITSM service strategy & design processes with agile by working with you to…


  • Identify and document key value streams for delivering services to your customers.
  • Implement a lean transformation strategy using ITSM principles and practices.
  • Evaluate your existing service delivery model and then optimize it using lean principles to remove non-value added activities and increase the value being delivered.
  • Integrate external resources and cloud based technologies into your existing service delivery model to increase agility and decrease costs.
  • Implement Build, Run, and Improve processes by integrating infrastructure and application development services into a single service delivery model.

Improve How You Design Services

We  improve your customers experience and maximize the value you deliver by working with you to…


  • Effectively capture and document what your customers and stakeholders want using service design techniques, such as personas, scenarios, and use cases.
  • Understand and document the different types of requirements as defined by PMBOK and BABOK to be developed for every epic to deliver the most successful solutions and services.
  • Document and apply Touchpoints and Customers Journey techniques to improve your customers experience.
  • Define and design end-to-end business services that address utility, warranty, and customer experience requirements.
  • Integrate service design with agile delivery to eliminate waste and focus only on providing services your customers will pay for.
  • Apply Lean Startup concepts within your service design processes, such as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Hypotheses, Assumptions, and Business Change Models.

Effectively Manage Your Service Portfolio

We reduce the cost of managing your portfolio and increase the value delivered from it by working with you to…
  • Evaluate the existing service portfolio to identify opportunities for service enhancements and cost reductions through retiring, replacing, or combining existing offerings.
  • Implement best practice service portfolio management practices to prioritize service enhancements.
  • Rationalize the application portfolio and simplify operations.
  • Integrate service portfolio processes with agile portfolio management practices.